Stata gets the most out of multicore systems.

No other statistical software comes close.

Stata/MP is the fastest and largest edition of Stata.

Almost every computer can take advantage of the advanced multiprocessing capabilities of Stata/MP. Stata/MP provides the most extensive multicore support of any statistics and data management package.


Stata/MP is faster - Much faster.

Stata/MP lets you analyse data in one-half to two-thirds the time compared with Stata/SE on inexpensive dual-core laptops and in one-quarter to one-half the time on quad-core desktops and laptops. Stata/MP runs even faster on multiprocessor servers. Stata/MP supports up to 64 cores/processors.

Speed is often most crucial when performing computationally intense estimation procedures. A few of Stata's estimation procedures, including linear regression, are nearly perfectly parallelised, meaning they run twice as fast on two cores, four times as fast on four cores, eight times as fast on eight cores, and so on. Some estimation commands can be parallelised more than others. Taken at the median, estimation commands run 1.7 times faster on 2 cores, 2.6 times faster on 4 cores, and 3.4 times faster on 8 cores.

Speed can also be important when managing large datasets. Adding new variables is nearly 100 percent parallelised, and sorting is 61 percent parallelised.

Some procedures are not parallelised and some are inherently sequential, meaning they run the same speed in Stata/MP.

For a complete assessment of Stata/MP's performance, including command-by-command statistics, see the Stata/MP Performance Report.

StataMP Performance

Performance of Stata/MP

Speed on multiple cores relative to speed on a single core

Max. variables Max. independent variables Max. observations
Stata/MP 120,000 65,532 20 billion*
Stata/SE 32,767 10,998 2.14 billion
Stata/BE 2,048 798 2.14 billion

*The maximum number of observations is limited by the amount of available RAM on your system.


Because speed is most important when your problems are big, Stata/MP supports even larger datasets than Stata/SE.

Stata/SE can analyse up to 2 billion observations. Stata/MP can analyse 10 to 20 billion observations on the largest computers currently available and is ready to analyse up to 1 trillion observations once computer hardware catches up. Stata/MP also allows 120,000 variables compared to 32,767 variables allowed by Stata/SE.


Stata/MP is 100% compatible with other editions of Stata.

Analyses do not have to be reformulated or modified in any way to obtain Stata/MP's speed improvements.


Stata/MP is available for the following operating systems:




To run Stata/MP, you can use a desktop computer with a dual-core or quad-core processor, or you can use a server with multiple processors. Whether a computer has separate processors or one processor with multiple cores makes no difference. More processors or cores make Stata/MP run faster.


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